超级 is a subscription service that provides care and repair for your home. 我们涵盖了故障和帮助管理物流为许多您的家庭服务需求. 我们还帮助您防止问题与我们的深入维护加拿大28软件购买和选择有超级为您做日常的东西.


超级 is committed to providing premium service quality for your home. 我们与当地最好的服务商合作,以可预测的成本提供快速和有效的家庭维修和维护, using technology to take the hassle out of homeownership.

Why do I need a 超级 subscription?

Breakdowns in the home can be expensive and unbudgeted. With a 超级 subscription, you can more easily budget for repairs. 订阅可以为您带来附加价值,因为您可以以一种价格获得所有覆盖的维修, and you get the added convenience of automatic payment.


What appliances and systems are covered?

Our plans include coverage for your:

  • 内置的微波
  • 衣服洗涤器 & 干燥器*
  • 洗碗机
  • 炉灶,烤箱和炉灶
  • 冰箱/冰柜*
  • 垃圾处理
  • 垃圾压实机
  • 范围排气扇

*Not included in Lite and Simple plan

Our Secure, Signature and Lux plans also include coverage for your:

  • 范围排气扇
  • 垃圾压实机
  • 垃圾处理
  • 空调
  • 热系统
  • 管道系统
  • 热水器
  • 电气系统
  • 管道系统 & 停工
  • 喷水灭火系统 & 计时器系统
  • 天花板 & 排气风扇
  • 中央真空系统
  • 车库门


一旦您成为会员,我们可以通过我们的礼宾部为您提供高质量的服务或维修. If you have a breakdown of a covered item, 您的保修范围的福利开始15天后,您购买您的订阅. Just contact us to schedule, 和超级将维修或更换您的覆盖项目按照您的订阅条款. 我们免除了15天的等待期,为我们的买家的保险最近购房.

How often can I schedule service?

您可以使用超级安排的服务预约数量没有上限. We're here to help you care for your home, whether you prefer annual check-ups or monthly maintenance.

Do you cover 预先存在的条件?

是的,覆盖 未知的 已存在的情况包括在我们的买家的保险范围内,为最近的房屋购买. 我们提供提交家庭检查报告的选项,以确认先前未检测到的预先存在的疾病. 也, while we are not able to cover 已知的 预先存在的条件, 我们很高兴安排一个高质量的服务,以合理的价格完成这些维修后,您购买您的订阅.

Do you offer any optional coverage that I can add to my plan?

是的,我们提供游泳池/水疗中心、软水器和客房等项目的选择性保险. 看看我们 加拿大28软件购买页面 for more information on the optional coverage we have available.

Are secondary appliances or systems included in coverage?

我们的订阅加拿大28软件购买包括覆盖每个类别的一个单位为大多数项目. The exceptions are HVAC systems/cooling (5 ton limit) and water heaters. If you would like to customize a plan to include additional coverages, please contact our customer experience team at (844) 557-8737.

Does 超级 cover maintenance?

每一个超级加拿大28软件购买包括访问维护服务,如暖通空调调整和地毯清洁. Each service has a copay that ranges from $75 to $149. 也, 当你需要清理冰箱盘管和排干热水器的水时,我们每周发布一些维护建议来帮助你. 你得决定是自己处理还是让我们帮你处理. If you want us to take care of it, simply submit a request to our team. As always, you can apply any Service 奖励 to help offset the cost.

Can my plan be transferred if I sell my home?

If your property changes ownership during the coverage period, coverage may be transferred to the new owner by calling us at 844-99-SUPER. If you are a current subscriber moving to a new property, a new subscription plan must be purchased for that property.


How do I submit a repair request?

You can schedule an appointment or submit a repair request via our website, 手机应用程序, email, or you can give us a call at 844-99-SUPER.


我们的客户体验团队随时为您解答所有问题并协调服务,时间为周一至周五上午9点至东部时间晚上9点, Saturdays from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern and Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm Eastern. 要在这段时间安排服务,请拨打844-99-SUPER或登录hellosuper账户.com.

当然, breakdowns don’t always follow business hours, so in the event of an emergency outside of these times, subscription members can call +1 (628) 239-2866 for immediate assistance.

When will my repair take place?

维修服务在周一至周五的正常营业时间内提供,节假日除外. An additional expense may apply for weekend, holiday, and evening service.

How do you select the pros sent to my home?

我们与高质量的供应商合作,持续跟踪交付指标,为您提供合适的帮助. 我们的客户体验团队也监测适当的许可和保险, extensively reviews the online reputation of our servicers, and follows up to make sure you are consistently satisfied.

Why would I choose a 超级 pro instead of finding a service provider myself?

我们的首要任务是以诚实的价格为我们的会员提供高质量的服务. 超级节省你的麻烦筛选通过无休止的审查和玩电话标签,并与你一起工作,以满足你的需要.

y通过超级预订, 由于我们的强大购买力,你可以享受到个人房主通常无法享受到的折扣. We're also happy to accommodate your specific requests, when possible. 例如, if you have a favorite servicer, 我们总是开放的伙伴与新的供应商来我们的用户高度推荐. Let us know how we can best serve you.


If your covered appliance or system simply can't be repaired, 超级 will provide a replacement of like kind and quality, or we will write you a check. 我们还承担与移除和处理你的旧机器相关的费用.


For your covered breakdowns and maintenance services, we charge a co-pay to your account at the beginning of your appointment. The standard copay for service is $75. 不管专业人士在你家呆了多长时间,共同支付的金额都是一样的,而且每次只收取一次费用(即使维修或更换需要多次服务访问)。.

Is there a limit to the number of breakdown incidents I can claim?

There is no cap on the number of breakdown incidents you can claim, but all claims are subject to coverage limits.

View breakdown coverage limits by category

Are there limits to the number of claims I can file?

There are no limits to the number of claims you can file. 然而, 超级保险为您的综合保险索偿所支付的金额以$30为上限,000 during any contiguous 12-month period. If this aggregate limit is reached, 与属于保险范围内的任何索赔相关的费用将不被涵盖. 另外, 超级所涵盖的一些设备和系统仅限于每次发生或每次加拿大28软件购买的数量. These amounts depend on your plan type.

How do I know what is covered

没有人应该支付房屋保修,然后惊讶地发现什么是覆盖,什么不是. 我们相信完全透明——所以如果你想了解真相,请阅读我们的 抽样承保条款 to see what is covered in our different plans. If you'd prefer to speak to someone to ask about a specific item, you can call our customer experience team at 844-99-SUPER, and they will answer any questions you may have about your coverage.

Can I have an item repaired without contacting 超级 first?

超级 will not cover repairs or replacements coordinated without us.

How does 超级's subscription differ from a home warranty?

传统的保修期只包括故障,并提供最小的覆盖范围和服务. 超级, 另一方面, 不只是一个家庭保修-我们是一个订阅服务,旨在帮助您管理您的家的整个寿命. 像一个保修, we help you fix problems when they occur, 但我们也帮助您维护您的家,加拿大28pc盛宴在第一个地方. 我们协调其他家庭服务,以帮助您的一切,从暖通空调调整地毯清洁. 我们使用移动技术来监控服务质量,让您的服务过程更加透明. 最重要的是, 通过与更好的服务供应商网络合作,我们为客户提供更高水平的服务.

Concierge and Service 奖励

What services can I book through 超级's Concierge?

在超级, we want you to own like a renter, 所以超级管理员可以做大楼管理员能做的任何事情. 虽然我们不能加拿大28软件购买你的下一次房屋改造,礼宾服务包括以下内容:

  • 杂工的工作
  • 电子服务
  • 排水沟清理
  • 清洗窗户

Submit your request online or give us a shout at 844-99-SUPER, 我们的客户体验团队的一名成员将帮助您确定价格和可用性.

How do Service 奖励 work?

服务奖励可以应用到任何维修或礼宾服务预定通过超级. They cannot be applied toward a co-pay.

你可以在每次一个朋友使用你独特的推荐代码注册超级时获得奖励, and we periodically run promotions that allow you to earn even more.

Do Service 奖励 roll over?

Your Service 奖励 are good as long as you are a paid 超级 subscriber.